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About The Initiative

The Story

Hair loss is a condition that unfortunately effects many women. A fraction of the women who are effected present to the dermatologists, many of who are in the later stages of the hair loss. This delay in treatment and/or inaccessibility of care, leads to worsened outcomes. The realization that there is a dire need to connect patients to timely care is what led to the formation of this initiative. The mission of this project is to promote community and healthcare provider awareness of Central Centrifugal Cicatricial Alopecia (CCCA) to increase the recognition of this disorder, improve pathways to dermatological care, among other things.

Primarily, this project aims to educate women of African descent about CCCA. This includes dispelling misconceptions about this condition and providing education about its cause and treatment through the help of hairstylists and primary care physicians (PCPs).

Our hope is that through greater education to build awareness and competency to recognize this condition in women of African descent by these groups, women will benefit from wider and hopefully more rapid recognition of this condition and prompt care.  

To sum it up, our primary goals include...

1. Promoting general knowledge of CCCA to the public.
2. Providing CCCA education to hairstylists and primary care providers in collaboration with CCCA experts.
3. Providing education of hair care practices of women of African descent to dermatologists in collaboration with CCCA experts.